jennabennafennamennakennna said: Hi, could you help me with a survey for a summer class project? It's on a health topic and how it relates to religion/culture. I'm trying to use tumblr to basically make it anonymous and get a bunch of results fast. If you're 18+ and willing to do it can u let me know? I'll send it through tumblr. Let me know if you can help in my ask box.

Sorry if this is super late, but if it’s not too late I’d be glad to help! If so, then hopefully your project worked out!

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JGL, My One and Only

For one of my Design classes, focused on Form and Color Theory, I had to create a book of a theme of my choice for my final project of the Spring Quarter. I had to stray away from the common (ex: Disney, among other things), so I wondered, what would be unique but something I found interest in? The answer? My creative soul mate: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  

I wondered, what could I fill an accordion book with to make it dedicated to the wonderful JGL, without picture after picture of his face? Well, I decided, what better way than to show some of his well-known work in a sort of timeline-like manner. From his childhood lead role in Angels in the Outfield to his (at the time) latest work providing his voice for the lead character in the English dubbed As The Wind Rises, I dedicated each page to what I felt were pieces of his work that most of the public recognizes and associates with him. Of course, I also wanted to include his more obscure work, such as in Mysterious Skin and Manic, but I wanted my book to be a piece in which almost everyone who knows of JGL would understand when they read through my book. 

As I was planning each page, I knew I wanted the whole book to have a cohesive look throughout, so I stuck with simple silhouettes and text, as well as a color scheme of black, white, and red (to go with the HitRecord colors). Hopefully you all enjoyed my dedication to JGL as much as I did when I was making it (and by some miracle, I hope he sees this too)! 

(Note: the above photo with the cutout of a man in a pink shirt is of JGL’s brother, Burning Dan. Of course, I had to create a page in memory of his beloved brother. Rest in peace Dan Gordon-Levitt). 


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21 People On What They Would Tell Their 19-Year-Old Selves
  • Jonathan, 55: There is no such thing as “the only one”. You will meet lots of “the ones”. Only commit when the timing is right for the both of you – that can take years for some, and that’s okay.
  • Miranda, 24: Drop pre-med.
  • Isaac, 48: Deodorant does not count as a shower, and that haircut only looked good on Bon Jovi.
  • Anya, 42: Make the conscious decision to be happy, and then stick with it. Society will do everything in its power to convince you that your personal happiness is dependent on something external – beauty, success, wealth, etc. – it isn’t.
  • Parker, 55: 60% of the things you think are important now won’t matter a whit to you by the time you reach 50. The trick is to figure out the important 40% and work it.
  • Megan, 34: He doesn’t love you, and you will be okay.
  • Peter, 58: Don’t let anything stand in your way of taking part (or all) of your junior year abroad. You’ll never again have quite the same opportunity to experience a foreign land, for an extended period of time, in your youth. It is destined to be one of the most memorable aspects of your life.
  • Eleanor, 67: Talk less. Listen more.
  • Donald, 27: There’s a huge difference between who you want to be and who everyone around you wants you to be. Figure out which is which.
  • Camille, 56: Always remember: when falling off a horse, pull your tongue in.
  • Jackson, 57: No one knows anything for sure. They’re all just doing the best they can with what they have, just like you.
  • Vicki, 47: You’ll never have all the answers, so make every question count.
  • Donald, 38: You don’t have to grow up to be the dad you never had.
  • Katelyn, 30: Make the most out of college. You will never again be at a place where your only goal is to learn. Learn a lot, learn often, and learn with reckless abandon.
  • Joshua, 55: Women love to laugh.
  • Annabelle, 38: Drugs are not beautiful, glamorous or opulent. They are not a remedy, a solution, a cure-all, or a cure-anything.
  • Colin, 50: You miss so much life when you sleep until 3 PM. Wake up to see sunrises; they are the most stunning of nature’s masterpieces.
  • Eleanor, 26: Eating two pints of ice cream won’t make you happy. Neither will sprinting 10 miles. Be nice to yourself.
  • Aaron, 52: Don’t forget to ask that girl in the Oberlin library what kind of perfume she’s wearing. You’ll buy it for her in 20 years.
  • Scarlett, 54: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Those that get you will love you, those that don’t, well, their loss. Just remember: Wherever you are, it’s a party.
  • Zack, 9: I hope you’re awesome. And be nice to girls.
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Altering the Time Space Continuum

Just last week, I was roaming my college’s website on potential double majors. I’ve been working towards double majoring in Communication, alongside my declared major of Design, but didn’t know exactly where I was going with it or what I wanted to do with it. I only decided to work on a double major while I haven’t been able to get into my impacted design classes, and to explore another field that could potentially interest me.

Granted, the classes I have taken since the end of last year were quite interesting and I do find they have enhanced my knowledge and expanded my world views. However, I just did not truly feel satisfied or content. Well truthfully, I was probably just content, but not excited and passionate about what I was studying. I wanted more.

Since the end of last year, and throughout the beginning of this school year, I have been contemplating a variety of combinations of double majors with this minor, and double majors with that minor, and one major with this minor…and the list goes on. These have included courses in Asian American Studies, Textile and Clothing, Film Studies, and the previously-stated Communication major.

Just last week, as I was perusing the Film Studies curriculum online for the umpteenth time, I noticed a unique sounding major that I recognized seeing before when I considered Film Studies. So I decided to just click on it to see what it was all about. It couldn’t hurt. And amazing how the most minute, micro decisions can alter a life (or so I’d like to think).

The course descriptions of the classes offered for this major were so enticing and alluring; I wondered where this major was all my life and why it was hiding from me and the rest of the world. It was definitely not as talked about as my currently declared major of Design. From that first night of discovery and realization, I knew I had to get out of my slump and start taking those classes right away. The new skill set I will attain will be incredibly valuable to pair with what I learn from my Design major. And once my registration time comes in just a few weeks, I will be on my way to something possibly amazing (or at least exciting for me).

Here I come Technocultural Studies. Be ready for me (am I even ready for it???)

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Today was such a success, I can’t even handle. Thank you, Shalea for being my tour guide. DTLA IS MY OYSTER!!! I’m taking all yer damn pearls… and your Hi-Chews.

And of course, coming home to pen pal letters is pretty great, too.


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More photos from the photo shoot. Check out the blog post for more:

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Updating the blog (finally). Check out the photo shoot I was a part of this past December:

Updating the blog (finally). Check out the photo shoot I was a part of this past December:

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Read on to find out how I survived finals week:

Read on to find out how I survived finals week:

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